„My Moon” Association (Miskolc)

The Holdam Association is a community of mothers and women in Miskolc. The main goal of the organisation is to help women, mainly mothers to have actual informations and good practice around the most important stages of their life periods (marriage, finding a job, birthgiving, climax).

Personal help for mothers

We aimed to inform women as widely as we can about their possibilities, rights and alternatives. We organise the Week of Birth locally every year, we have 2 years experience so far. The Week of Birth is a nonprofit event all over the Hungary organised every year in May. It involves a wide range of professionals working around the labour. We have programmes: talks, lectures, workshops for pregnants frequently durig the year also. We organised a forum about Ceaserean, a round-table about Motherfriendly Hospitals, our members as doulas has different types of preparation workshops for pregnants. We developed a sample document for Birthgiving Plan and for Puerperal Plan which helps the mother to answer questions about her pregnancy.

Standing for women needs: accommodating work and family

We run a webpage which helps mainly women to find a right jobs for themselves which could fit them and their family. We also campaign for family friendly workplaces in Miskolc, we collect the opinion of locals about the companies which they think considers the its employees family background and circumstancies (ill child, flexible working time etc.)

Informal trainings for women, partnerships

We also develop informal trainings, workshops for women to improve their self-knowledge and awarement. We also cooperate with other women organisatiosns (REGINA, Háztűzőrzők, Életkör etc.)

Other programmes:

–          baby-mother club

–          free childcare actions in offices

–          breastfeeding and nappy tent in street festivals of Miskolc

–          discussion launch with doctors and mothers

–          labour market training for women

 „We believe that the positive support and the local communitiy can strenghten women to find their own way and have a happy life.”